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Although these toolkits will not cure your PCOS (I am not a medical doctor), you can have a great job or career whilst living with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Yes, you can!

Use the following toolkits to shine in your job and career.

People skills toolkit:  Are you emotionally intelligent? 

Do your work relationships struggle because of your PCOS mood swings? Do you feel like you have no people skills?

This toolkit will help you learn how to better manage your emotions and those of other people at work. It introduces information and skills that help women cope with PCOS at work by increasing their Emotional Intelligence.

Price : R200

Self-confidence toolkit: Is your PCOS affecting your confidence at work?  

Is your PCOS keeping you from being confident at work? Do you want to develop your self-confidence at work?

Make your goals a reality with this toolkit and learn the tools you need to develop your confidence. This toolkit is full of effective and practical strategies to help you become more confident.

Price : R200

Talking toolkit: When (if ever) is the best time to talk about PCOS at Work?  

Do you know when and how to talk to your boss or colleagues about PCOS? Are your doctor’s appointments during working hours affecting your relationships at work?

Knowing when to talk about and what to say about your PCOS can be a challenge for most. Also, not everyone needs to know about your condition, unless you want them to. However, as there are times when your PCOS interferes with your job, you may want to disclose the information to your boss. This toolkit serves to help you think about the issues to consider when disclosing information about your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Price : R200

Finding a job toolkit: How do you find a company that is supportive of your PCOS at work?  

How do you find a workplace that will be supportive during the worst of your PCOS symptoms?

The toolkit includes information on your workplace rights regarding PCOS as a chronic health condition. Written in an easy to understand style, this toolkit explores which supportive measures an organisation should provide to those suffering with PCOS.

Price : R200

Online course (Coming soon)

The PCOS@Work online course teaches you how to excel in your career while living with PCOS. It’s flexible and you can do it at your own pace. It is a step-by-step process that will help you empower your career.

More information coming soon.

Price : R2000 per person

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